--Where Women Create (USA) Spring 2013 (2 pages)

--FASHION DOLL QUARTERLY (USA) April 2011 (9 pages)


--VOGUE (GERMANY) June 2010

--DOLL READER (USA) April 2010 (6 pages)

--DE L'AUTRE COTE DU MIROIR-(FRANCE) (online) December 2009 interview

--DOLLS-(USA) November 2009

--LE ROYAUME DES Fées (FRANCE) (online) summer 2009 interview

--FEE DIVERS (FRANCE) Spring 2009 interview

--HAUTE (USA) (online)- spring 2009

--DOLLS -(USA)- 12/2008

--ELEGY -(FRANCE)- 12/2008

--BAZOOKA MANDARINE -(FRANCE)- (online) 11/2008 interview

--DOLLREADER -(USA)- 10/2008

--ZINK magazine -(USA)- autumn 2008

--GOTHIC BEAUTY -(USA)- 09/2008 interview

--BRETAGNE magazine -(FRANCE)- summer 2008


--POPPEN -(NETHERLAND)- Eté 2008 interview

--FEMALE PERSUASION -(USA) (online)- 06/2008 interview

--DIFmagazine -(PORTUGAL)- 2008

--BPMmagazine (online) -(USA)- 2008

--FACEmagazine -(GERMANY)- 2008

--HI-FRUCTOSE (online) -(USA)- 04/2008

--NINJA MAGAZINE (online and paper)- (FRANCE)- 12/2007

--JUXTAPOZ (online) -(USA)- 11/2007

--ELEGY -(FRANCE)- 09/2007 interview

--DOLL international -(RUSSIA)- spring 2007

--OURS ET POUPEES -(FRANCE)- 05/2007 interview


--SPECTRUM 19- the best in contemporary fantastic art- -(USA)- 11/2012 GOLD AWARD

--SPECTRUM 18- the best in contemporary fantastic art- -(USA)- 11/2011

--VAMPIRE ART NOW- -(USA)- 06/2011,

-- LANVAL (Limited edition exhibition catalogue) (FRANCE) 07/2010

--SPECTRUM 17- the best in contemporary fantastic art- -(USA)- 11/2010 SILVER AWARD

--SPECTRUM 16-the best in contemporary fantastic art - -(USA)- 11/2009

--SPECTRUM 15 -the best in contemporary fantastic art- -(USA)- 10/2008

--ART FIGURATIF et poupées contemporaines de collection (Aude Berger) -(FRANCE)- 10/2008

--500 HANDMADE DOLLS -(USA)- 08/200

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"Virginie Ropars' approach, technique, and unique one of a kind, 'Fantasy-Figures and Artworks, stir the echoes of a deep beauty that transcends tradition, to open up ones point of view to a new realm of grace, and creativity. Consider yourself fortunate amongst the fortunate few, if you own one of her pieces, as it is unlikely you will ever see anything remotely close to these works in this genre. I witness this by virtue of the scope and mastery of their medium, and the "Sheer Beauty and Craftsmanship" of the individual artworks. They are unparalleled!"

~Brian Wade - Designer of Stuart Little
(April 2009)